Square Trade, the third party electronics and smart phone insurer, provides anything but a square trade.  Square Trade is  without question the biggest ripoff  encountered this past year.

Square Trade does not have adequate inventory to cover replacement coverage on new iphones, and does not ship a replacement phone as soon as a claim is made. Damaged phones have to be sent to Square Trade, with a replacement phone shipped upon “approval” of the claim.  Which means the consumer must operate without a cell phone. Once a claim is approved,  Square Trade then ships a replacement phone, assuming one is  available in inventory.  Square Trade admits this process can take a week to 10 days. If the damaged phone has a cracked screen but is still functional,  (arguably the most common type of damage) then the “replacement” process is to direct the customer to a third party local repair shop, with a promise to reimburse the customer after proof of payment has been submitted back to Square Trade.  Payment is then not forthcoming.

Square Trade’s tech support is outsourced to a phone bank of foreign nationals, with the usual language barriers and lack of follow through.

Square Trade advertises replacement of a damaged phone for an insurance policy premium for approximately  99.00 for a smart phone.  You might as well throw your money away.  The hassle, lack of insurance coverage and processing time are not worth the premium,  and the reimbursement never materializes.  Square Trade’s business practices are deceptive, the restrictions on coverage are not published,  and ultimately violate most state consumer protection statutes.  The best way to protect your smart phone is to purchase a manufacturer’s replacement warranty such as Applecare,  and leave Square Trade behind.

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