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Firm Overview

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Firm Overview


The Loeschen Law Firm PLLC main offices are located in Roanoke, Virginia. Loeschen Law Firm represents individuals and corporations nationwide, providing legal assistance in the areas of business, employment law, personal injury, and aviation. The Firm represents all types of clients: employees, corporations, drivers, passengers, pilots, doctors, unions, small business owners, financial planners, architects, and entrepreneurs. The Loeschen Law Firm provides assistance in the defense of legal claims as well as representation to help the injured.


The Loeschen Law Firm assists its clients with business start-ups, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property disputes, contracts and commercial litigation, as well as civil rights violations and wrongful termination. The Firm also has extensive experience with auto and plane accidents, premises liability, general negligence and medical malpractice.


Loeschen Law Firm also represents clients with traffic violations.


The Loeschen Law Firm recognizes that there are many very good law firms that provide the same services as those mentioned here. Not all firms operate the same way. Some firms may charge more, some may charge less. Some firms may assign a junior attorney to handle your case and others may have a paralegal answer your questions. No single firm is right for everyone, and the choice of legal representation cannot be a “one-size fits all” approach. Loeschen Law Firm cannot speak to the quality of services other law firms provide, and, contrary to most legal marketing practices, will not advertise the Firm’s services on the basis of its superiority as compared to other legal professionals. The Loeschen Law Firm does not advertise, as many firms do, on the millions (or in the case of one firm, “nearly a billion”) of dollars in verdicts and settlements obtained for its clients. While the Loeschen Law Firm has achieved several multi-million dollar verdicts, those verdicts have little relevance to your particular situation. Nor will the Loeschen Law Firm advertise, as so many firms do, on the basis of “trust” and “integrity”. We don’t advertise these qualities because they are a given. A law firm that advertises trust and integrity is trying to convince the general public of something that someone out there may not think the firm has.


The Loeschen Law Firm does, however, operate upon and gladly advertises its core values, which are as follows:


  • Research.
  • Investigate and fully understand all of the details of the client’s particular situation.
  • Look for practical solutions acceptable to the client that will meet the client’s needs.
  • Keep the client informed at all times.
  • Maintain excellence in all aspects of representation.


The Loeschen Law Firm understands that everyone’s time is valuable, and we appreciate the time that you have taken reviewing our website. We hope you will find it interesting and helpful, and we will be most happy to personally answer any questions you may have.

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