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The Loeschen Law Firm appreciates the time you have spent reviewing the Firm’s website, and we hope that you will find the information located here helpful. We realize that the information here will not answer all of the questions you have related to your specific legal problem. We also understand that when you are seeking legal advice, you want to speak to an attorney, not a paralegal or a legal secretary. John Loeschen is available to speak to you directly regarding your legal concerns. Usually a brief phone consultation will determine whether to not the Firm is able to assist you with your particular legal problem. If we are able to do so, we will schedule an appointment with you to address your matter in greater detail. If the legal problem is not within the Firm’s areas of practice, we maintain relationships with excellent attorneys who practice in other areas of the law to whom we can refer you for services. Please feel free to call the Loeschen Law Firm’s toll free number if you have questions or need assistance. There is never a charge for a phone consultation.
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The Loeschen Law Firm is located at 30 East Clay St., Suite 201 in Salem, Virginia, 24153. Call Us 877-645-0683.



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